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Personal Training at your Home or Office onboard

   an air- conditioned mobile fitness center / gym



       Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach,

 Boynton Beach, Highland beach, Lighthouse Point,

Pompano Beach, Margate, Coconut Creek, Parkland.

Imagine the possibilities if your personal trainer drove an air conditioned mobile fitness center / gym to your home or office for every session.


  Mobile Fitness Centers of America

                             (561) 860-0200


ersonal Training with CONVENIENCE:  

Your personal trainer drives a state-of-the-art air-conditioned mobile fitness center to your home or office for every personal training session. Current service cities include Boca Raton, Parkland, Delray Beach, Margate, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Highland Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach, and Lighthouse Point. Onboard are weight machines, free weights, cardio machines, boxing bags and gloves, gym mats, towels, drinks, and music. No more sweaty crowded gyms, daycare worries, or wasted driving time because your home personal trainer drives a mobile fitness center to you. All you do is come onboard! 


                                         Personal Training with GREAT EQUIPMENT:

When it comes to personal training equipment, you get what you pay for, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. Onboard our air-conditioned mobile fitness centers are high-end weight machines, cardio machines, and olympic free weights for the safest and most effective personal training experience. The photos you see on this page are just some of the actual equipment used onboard our mobile fitness centers for your personal training.

                                                      Personal Training with PRIVACY: 

Home personal training should be just that: Personal. With Mobile Fitness Centers of America, You get private use of an entire mobile fitness center. No one onboard but you and your personal trainer. If you want, invite family, friends, or coworkers. No gym crowds, dirty equipment, lines, or unwanted attention from other people. Just private personal training the way you want it.

                                                            Personal Trainer SERVICE: 

With Mobile Fitness Centers of America, our personal trainers go the extra mile for you (no pun intended). We show up on time and always with a smile. We take a genuine interest in you and your personal training. We take notes and monitor your progress. We also keep the gym equipment clean and provide drinks, towels, and always offer a helping hand getting on or off the equipment. We drive to most homes and offices in Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, Margate, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, and Pompano Beach. Our goal is to see you do well and enjoy yourself at the same time.

                                                        Personal Training with RESULTS:  

We have many client references who will tell you how having their personal trainer drive a mobile fitness center to their home or office made all the difference. Many people hate going to the local gym for personal training, and it takes more than a pair of dumbbells and a mat to achieve the fitness results most clients want from a home personal trainer. With Mobile Fitness Centers of America, you get the best of both worlds. Our unique approach to home / office personal training can help you lose fat, lose weight, improve balance, condition your heart, tone muscle, gain strength, prevent osteoporosis, reduce chronic pain, prevent injuries, and improve golf, tennis, or school sports.

         Call now for a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING CONSULTATION VISIT at your home or office.

  Mobile Fitness Centers of America
                                   (561) 860-0200 

Our mobile personal training services are available in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Highland Beach, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Margate, Coconut Creek, and Parkland.

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